How to Live When You Die

How to Live When You Die

Mark 10:17-22


Vs17 – GOOD – agathos – excellent, distinguished, honorable;  MASTER – didaskalos – teacher

  • If NOT God – why all Drama – Most IMPORTANT question ever – How not to die when I die?
    • Why the question: 1) Has the answer wants APPROVAL  2) He felt something MISSING


Vs18 – Response is peculiar. Some think He was drawing a comparison, leading man to equate God/Jesus

  • DISAGREE – doesn’t fit story. Jesus Answering Question w/Question.
  • Jesus had two answers – told the man to get rid of the obstacles that are standing between God
  • Relied on BEING GOOD
  • This was answer #1 – Told him that he was NOT Good
  • Jesus INCLUDED Himself – WHY? – Phil 2:6-10


Vs19 – Tough to interpret / discern Jesus’ intentions

  • Jesus was TESTING the man – Gave Him what HE WANTED
  • Saw in him that Being Good was Important – Gave him “GOOD” things to do
  • Social part of 10 Commandments – DEFRAUD not a commandment – Jesus wasn’t buying yet


Vs20 – DIFFICULT to Understand the man’s Response

  • Is there EMOTION – If so What emotion?
  • Was he EXCITED?! Because he had been doing EVERYTHING JESUS listed!
  • Was he DISAPPOINTED ☹ Because Jesus (GREAT TEACHER) didn’t give a new SECRET?
  • Probably a little DISAPPOINTED and showed some HUMILITY – based on Jesus response.


Vs21 – Jesus SAW CONCERN on his face, HEARD DISAPPOINTMENT in his voice

  • The man was SINCERELY concerned about his RELATIONSHIP with God
  • He was on his Knees


  • Jesus responded EMOTIONALLY – SPURNED him towards love for the man
  • Loved EVERYONE so it had to be something MORE


  • After he passed the test – Jesus gave him the KEY to the 2nd obstacle – GET RID of Idols, gods
  • Really starts to FIT US now! This was about gods and idols – which for the man was his $$$.


Vs22 – The man was sad and he grieved as a result – VERY STRONG WORDS

  • This describes how we feel when we BURY a loved one.
  • This is TOUGH to understand – HE HAD HIS ANSWER
  • Satan USED him, got what he wanted, then LEFT the man HEART-BROKEN


  • Told how the man responded and felt – NOT told how Jesus felt. How do you think HE felt?
  • For all the man’s sorrow – I think Jesus’ sorrow was 10x greater.
  • The ANSWER is right there and MANY people RESPOND the same way


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