Confusing Pleasure with Happiness

Confusing Pleasure with Happiness By Kevin Cauley 2/13/2017 Have you ever finished a good book wishing there were more to the story? Have you ever watched a movie leaving the theater unsatisfied? Perhaps after a good meal you’ve wished there were more to come. Such things clearly provide us with momentary pleasure, but our desire for […]

Can The Bible Mean Just Anything?

Can The Bible Mean Just Anything? By Kevin Cauley 2/17/2017 We live in a society that seeks to “interpret” everything. When the President or some other important official makes a statement, news commentators are quick to point out what was said and what wasn’t said. Did he mean this or did he mean that? The analysis […]

How to Live When You Die

How to Live When You Die Mark 10:17-22   Vs17 – GOOD – agathos – excellent, distinguished, honorable;  MASTER – didaskalos – teacher If NOT God – why all Drama – Most IMPORTANT question ever – How not to die when I die? Why the question: 1) Has the answer wants APPROVAL  2) He felt […]

Act or React

Act or React   Recently, I met up with a long-time friend for a few hours. We discussed a lot of wide ranging topics. We fixed most of the world’s problems, if people would just do what we say! One of our discussion topics was what a tough job it is to be a policeman […]

Our Teacher

Our Teacher   The church camp that I’m involved with is working on a staff handbook. As part of that work, we were given another camp’s handbook to look over. Since my main responsibility is teaching, I went to straight to the “Bible Teacher Guidelines”. The first item was this: the primary purpose of camp […]

Jesus & John the Baptist

Jesus & John the Baptist   “How shall I describe this generation? These people are like a group of children playing a game in the public square. They complain to their friends, ‘We played wedding songs, and your weren’t happy, so we played funeral songs, but you weren’t sad.’ For John the Baptist didn’t drink […]

Our Doctor

Our Doctor   I am thankful for the Barry medical clinic. Dr. Raif has always been helpful every time I’ve seen him. There have been other associates who’ve worked there over the years and seems like they have done a good job as well for me or my family. The nurses and the receptionists are […]